Smart Phones luxury or a helping hands

During 90’s people, think it possible to view world while sitting on your computer through Google maps; the technology came and was used on daily basis by millions of users. With more developments, mobile phones applied the technology for the customers’ ease and Google Map or Navigator became an essential part of Mobile Phones.

Couple of years ago, I was sitting with my friend in park and I saw a blind person trying to contact someone through his mobile phone but he could not operate it as desired. My friend helped him; called his daughter and asked her to pick her [your] father from there. An idea that may be popped up in the head of any person, working in telecom industry, that there should be a virtual assistant that could help the blind or special people of our societies, and TA DA, now Apple, has launched SIRI. SIRI Android already launched same app but that was not a built-in utility Vlingo though it was also good to serve the purpose.


It is an interface that listens (records) then creates, selects and modifies the data that is already stored in the software application so that it can understand verbs, phrases and clauses This entire interface or technology is known as Natural Language User Interface (LUI) as known as Personal Assistant.

Usage of Personal Assistant

Any individual can use it to give instructions and fulfill them with merely giving order to mobile app. Like, if you want to send SMS message to someone just say, “send msg to John Eagle” and a message will be send to John. There are other options available like Alarm, Call, locate friends etc.


Personal Assistant Common usage and utilities

One of the most amazing things about this application is that it listens and acts upon the given instructions, even if you are not a native speaker of English language. However, the given instruction should be in English language so that SIRI can understand it.


Before any instruction is executed, it is properly checked, matched from search engine and then the assigned task is accomplished. You can listen to a message received, and then reply it instantly without touching your keypad. There are more options available in these P.A’s.


Advantages of Personal Assistant applications

The most significant and prime advantage of these applications is for the people who cannot see keypad etc. Simply they have to order the task and then it can easily be completed by the Personal Assistant. Second advantage is during traveling especially when you are driving the car; mobile phone, certainly, should not be used for you may face any unforeseen mishap. Nevertheless, by using these Personal Assistant softwares, only your tongue moves instead of your fingers for any cell-phone activity.


Disadvantages of Personal Assistant applications

Well, there are not number of disadvantages of these applications but a major inconvenience they may occur is for non native English language speakers who cannot pronounced the English words with phonetic clearness. Non-native English users may bear some problem while using it.



Hence mobile phones are no more a luxurious component of today’s life rather than an essential part of our life. A guide dog that walks beside a blind person, a helping hand for the blind person, an interpreter for the person who cannot under the foreign language, they are now becoming a connected PART OF PERSONALITY.