Smart Phones reached 1 Billion Milestone.

Smart Phone soon rule the world.

An American research firm has stated that the smart phone market has reached the milestone of 1 billion users. Samsung and Apple are the leaders in the market according to the research.

The firm also believed that the number will be doubled in the next two years because of the increase in competition in the market. Companies like Nokia,Sony,HTC,Hawaii are also entered the smart phone market in recent years.

According to the research firm, there are 700 million smart phones in the market in third quarter of 2001. And in the second Quarter of 2012 the number has reached to 958 Million.

If the Smart phone market keeps growing at this rate, soon the Mobile phones market will be crashed and Smart Phones will rule the world.

The firm also learned that the most number of Smart Phone use is in Western Europe and U.S. While the Brazil,India,China and Russia are the countries where this market is growing rapidly. There is a huge potential of Smart Phone industry in these countries.