iPad 3 and iPhone 5 to be the most selling gadgets of 2012

Reports suggest that iPhone 5 and iPad 3 could be the most popular and most selling gadgets of 2012 once they are released. The release dates, however, are not yet confirmed. The new iOS will be more popular than MAC OSX, tech company Chitika reveals in this analysis report. These reports tells us that for [...]

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Apple iCloud and its mystery

Apple has created a cloud which can store your music, photos, applications, calendars, documents, and contents of your device. Like all products of Apple this cloud is iCloud. According to Apple this is easiest way to manage your contents as it is automatic. Apple have defined iCloud as ‘much more than a hard disk in [...]

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Apple Releases iOS 5 Beta 5

Last week, Apple Released iOS 5 Beta 5 for developers community. After a week have passed many developers have discussed the features in it. Also with this release there were releases of Xcode 4.2 Developer Preview 5, iTunes 10.5 Beta 5 and Apple TV Software beta 4. iOS 5 Beta 5 is available as an [...]

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