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Although there are many rumours about iphone 5 release and its specs but the hottest is the release of iphone 5 leaked Clone pictures in China. The body of the Clone, looks like iPhone, it even have a microphone beside its headphone jack which is newly added in iPhone 4. The OS that it is
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As the iPhone 5’s release is coming near, many new iPhone 5 pics are revealed each day. Here are few more of those latest iPhone 5 pictures that the internet i after.

iPhone 5 leaked and expected concept images have been circling around from quite some time now. Too add some more spice, here are latest leaked images of iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 rumor from a reliable Japanese source is travelling all over that Apple’s next-generation smartphone is already being manufactured. iPhone 5 cases are beginning to appear en masse with designs coalescing around a recognizable set of specifications. Japan’s Makotakara, a site that accurately predicted many of Apple’s recent product announcements, reports that iPhone 5 manufacturing has begun in China. Assuming
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Check out this amazing iPhone 5 concept video with a see-thru display & laser keyboard. And catch up on latest iPhone 5 release date rumors.