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Tips to FREEUP your iPhone storage

iPhone storage is a big concern for every Apple user since, it was first launched until today. Even though company has announced that a 32 GB iPhone is now extinct, but iPhone memory problem is still a major issue. Unlike other Smartphones Apple never allot the external memory feature in any of its devices. Something its biggest competitor Samsung have provided its
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Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus has already broke the pre-orders records according to an statement release by Apple.

The patents advance that the new iPhone models will accept bifold pixels and ear adjacency altitude capability.

  A new job announcement at Apple shows that the aggregation is absorbed in developing adjustable displays, a technology which could see use on the rumoured iWatch or the approaching iPhone 6.

A new video apprehension of an iPhone 6 with wraparound awning as apparent in a contempo Apple apparent is fun  but the architecture fails to appearance how a awning on both abandon would accomplish any sense.