iPhone 6 leaked pictures


The release of iPhone 6 is now just 3 weeks away and as the date of release comes nearer more rumours about iPhone 6 started to hit the tech blogs around the world. The stocks of Apple in the share market has reached its


Another good news for those who are waiting for the new iPhone 6. Pictures are leaked of iPhone 6 boxes today that shows phones are ready for sale in its stores. The images are far better then previous iPhone 6 leaked pictures. These are much more clear and gives a better idea how the new
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Several images and a video were aggregate Saturday by peripherals reseller and knockoff buzz maker Techdy, with the photos and video depicting what the aggregation claims is the rear case for the bargain iPhone, a.k.a. iPhone Lite.

Apple has been agilely advancing an additional new iPhone to be appeared in 2013, according to assorted leaks and reports.