Jelly Bean


Lg has announced that they will be launching their first ever curve phone named as G-Flex. The phone had a self repairing back cover and a 6 inch 720P screen that can rock your world.

In order to remain top in smartphone market, Apple has to work pretty much on its iPhone 5. The rumors of a thinner framework are a pretty good start. If the Cupertino-based firm really uses in-cell technology that integrates the touch screen into a single display panel, the next iPhone could be as thin as
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Highly anticipated iphone 5 is expected somewhere in August or September of this year. It will have retina display along with many other new features.

The iPhone 5 may be launched on September 21 according to French website App4Phone said, citing sources close to Apple. There is also speculation that iPhone 5 could have a slightly larger screen. The iPhone 5 is also expected to be able to use the faster new wireless data networks operated in the US by
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Although there are many rumours about iphone 5 release and its specs but the hottest is the release of iphone 5 leaked Clone pictures in China. The body of the Clone, looks like iPhone, it even have a microphone beside its headphone jack which is newly added in iPhone 4. The OS that it is
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