Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 Restart problems reported

  Samsung Galaxy S8 users reported random restart problems on Friday – News emerged that many new Samsung S8 models are restarting without any obvious reason. This isn’t the first Samsung S8 problems surfaced on Internet. Before, some users have reported a red tinted display which was later fixed by Samsung through a software update. The problem was reported
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Tips to Increase battery life of Samsung Galaxy S8

  Samsung Galaxy S8 is now available in U.S and U.K stores and all pre-ordered smartphones have already delivered. Recently I’ve covered a story about how amazingly powerful SAMSUNG Galaxy S8 hardware features and it seems almost indestructible when tested. The one thing which will be a big headache for every smartphone user is the battery life. Even though galaxy S8 has a
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Samsung Galaxy S8 - Most powerful smartphone of 2017

  Samsung Galaxy s8 models are now available in markets and its latest durability test has just shown that it’s surely much more durable than any other smartphone in the market. We all know that Samsung Galaxy S8 has a 5 feet drop durability along with water resistant feature. But, did you know that it cannot be burned, scratched or
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