The Fluffies and Real Racing 3 are Most Downloaded iPhone 5 Game.

iPhone 5 has broke all the records set by previous Apple products and proved to be a big hit. While users of new iPhone are pretty happy with the new apps that are provided to them.

iPhone 5 game The Fluffies.

The Fluffies is an iPhone 5 app that proved to be a big hit among it’s users. The Fluffies is a game in which fluffies are smiling and making cute faces. You had to free them from your screen. Now you can do this by lining up 3 fluffies of the same color. When you do this fullfies remove and your score increases.

iPhone 5 games Real Racing3.

While another iPhone game app that has downloaded rapidly isReal Racing 3. This is a car racing game which is proved to be perfect for the iPhone 5.

Bacically iPhone 5  has proved to a very successful gaming device. iPhone 5 has big screen and it is very light and thin compare to previous iPhone’s, this is the reason the users of iPhone 5 are enjoying playing games of it.