Top 100 Android Apps of 2012 (part 3)


With Bump two users can tap their phones together to immediately share photos, contacts, and apps. This application works with both iOS and Android users as well.

Astrid Task
Astrid allows you to create and manage the ultimate power to-do list with . It is clean, simple and has number of customizable features. The app helps you organize events, shopping lists, vacations, and followup notes after a meeting. It syncronize effortlessly with Google.


Adaptu Wallet Personal Finance


This financial management app has a lot of great features for entry- to mid-level budgeting enthusiasts, like creating forecasts, and storing photos of insurance and business cards and much more. Make sure you use a part time cfo to make your business finances grow faster.


Documents ToGo
Business users need a document editing and creation application for their mobile devices, and Documents ToGo is the one if you have an Android phone.


Catch Notes
Catch is a free service with which you can save notes of all kinds–audio memos, typed notes, and photos. It’s well customized for Android phones.


Dropbox, the service that lets you store your files in the cloud and access them from anywhere you have a signal. Dropbox updated its Android app to 2.0 in December, reorganizing the interface and adding numerous features .


LastPass Password Mgr Premium*
$1 per month
LastPass automatically manages and fills in your usernames and passwords for you. You’ll only have to remember one password: the one to get into LastPass, so make which should be the strong one. It also ensures that you use a different password for all the sites you visit, as recycling passwords makes you prone to identity theft and other online crimes. 
The service helps you keep detailed account of your finances by connecting to your bank and credit card accounts and keeps account of all the money you earn and spend. You will just need to enter a few data points in your Android phone as you spend, and you’ll be able to see your spending patterns as an easy-to-read chart.


free; $45 per year for optional Premium subscription
The freemium note-taking and organization app synchs all your files to a cloud service. Evernote works smoothly on android phone, looks great, and last but not the least, integrates with number of other apps and services.


Task List Pro



Task List Pro is a customizable to-do list that comes with some interesting options. For example, you can program the app’s input gestures, like left-right swipe, to be tied to whatever function you want. It has also the ability to email all your tasks as a CSV file.


This app lets users create and personalize “smart” notebooks for any topic of interest. The latest version, Springpad 3.0 allows its users to make their notebooks public, follow other users’ public notebooks, and “spring” items to their own notebooks.

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