Top 100 Android Apps of 2012(part 7)

Lifestyle, Travel, Shopping(Contd.)


Layar works best when you think of it as a travel app. Layar gives you extra information from the digital world “layered” on top of something real in this world. Point it at a landmark, and the app will share interesting facts about the destination It works very well in big cities and top destinations.


Read books, magazines, and newspapers right on your Android phone without ever buying an e-reader. The Kindle app is by far the most popular reading app in the Android Marketplace because it gives you access to buy or download for free hundreds of thousands of books, newspapers and magazines.

Noom Weight Loss Coach 
Noom is a comprehensive weight loss app that bills itself as a weight loss coach in your pocket. Every day, the app feeds you customized suggestions on how many calories you need to eat and burn to meet your goals.

Nook for Android by B&N
Nook gives you access to an impressive library of books, newspapers, magazines, and other things to read. It is an alternative to kindle.

RedLaser Barcode & QR Scanner
RedLaser, an app that turns your Android’s camera into a barcode scanner.  Overtime, the app has only improved, and it’s now a multi-functional scanner that works on QR codes, too. When shopping, scan any item with a barcode, and RedLaser delivers detailed information about the product, including whether you can buy it at a better price nearby.

Pixlr-o-matic adds cool retro effects and filters to your photos and locally stored images instantly, and share them on Facebook or export them back to your photo gallery.

This daily deal site lists places around you that will give you 50 percent off your bill just for flashing the app. The location-based app is especially strong in its restaurant offerings.

Yahoo Sportacular
If you’re looking for a quick way to check scores, Yahoo Sportscaster is one to download. You can choose which leagues and teams to cover and opt to receive live score alerts and news, plus stats and play-by-plays.

Yelp is an invaluable tool for finding businesses nearby, especially when you’re in a town you are unfamiliar with. Yelp’s the app you need for finding businesses and services, and inspecting out ones that are very poorly received

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