Top 100 Android Apps of 2012

Android users have infact hundreds of thousands of apps to choose from. Here are 100 of the best.



  • aDownloader



    All time  favorite aDownloader is easy to use and relatively crash-free. It also has a killer feature: the ability to pause and resume downloads. There is also no file-size limits, either.


  • Auto Memory Manager


    When a computer needs a performance boost, one of the most obvious ways is to upgrade or at least, manage memory; the same goes for mobile devices. Auto Memory Manager is an ad-supported app that provides detailed memory information, and lets you set memory priority on apps. It’s worth downloading when your Android phone begins to feel sluggish.


  • Beautiful Widgets


    The Beautiful Widgets app lets you customize your phone’s homescreen, with weather reports, clocks, battery status, and different elements.


  • CamScanner


    CamScanner lets you photograph a document – like a receipt, driver’s license, health insurance card – and save it as a PDF. From there you can crop and enhance the image and send it via SMS or email, or upload it to a cloud server. It also adds password protection to specific documents.


  • Dolphin Browser HD

    Dolphin Browser HD is a genuine trickster of a mobile browser.  Its additional features are: Flash, customized navigation gestures, Siri-like voice searches, and a slick RSS reader.


  • History Eraser Pro

    History Eraser Pro makes it simple to delete junk off your phone. The app allow you through all sorts of data, from text messages to browser history to cached files, and then it delete them rightaway in one go.


  • Juicedefender

    JuiceDefender Ultimate is a trendy app that saves battery life by disabling the most draining components, specifically 3G/4G connectivity, when you turned phone to idle state. This is free lite version, but the Ultimate version allows  you to customize when to disable a signal; for example, if you’re listening to Pandora you wont have to go offline simply because your phone goes idle automatically.

  • Launcher Pro

Launcher Pro is a third-party application which adds the ability for you to customize your phone in more ways than you normally can so that you can launch apps quicker and more easily. For example, you can make up to seven different homescreens, giving you fast access to more apps than before.

  •  Lookout Premium for Android


Lookout is a security app which includes recovery solutions in case of loss, theft, or wipeout. The free version offers Find My Phone feature, automatic backup and restore functions. However Premium ($2.99/month or $29.99/year, direct) edition adds safe browsing, remote lock/wipe, app permissions management, and advanced backup.


  • Mr. Number


    Mr. Number allows you to blocks unwanted calls and texts, as reported by millions of other users. It is a very popular app. Every person who joins can blacklist numbers. Mr. Number will automatically block these calls from your device.

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