Using technology to promote food safety in your restaurant


Technology Promotes Food Safety In Restaurant Business

The way restaurants benefit from the implementation of technology has developed right along tech itself. CCTV cameras, automated doors, even switching to a touch screen pos system for managing the bill. It has all been done in the name of efficiency, ease of use, and to make training faster and simpler. Along side of this, using technology to promote food safety in restaurants is a very efficient cost saver as well as a reputation saver.  Not only will your guests keep coming back, but you will also save on legal liability when you decide to take food safety seriously with the help of technology. Your aim should be to ensure that all restaurant guests should be able to have a great experience when they go out to eat. Technology can of course assist in this regard, in a myriad of ways. From something as simple as closed circuit cameras providing surveillance and security, to air quality services that will constantly monitor the building for gas leaks, elevated CO2 levels, and any other harmful airborne substance that could negatively impact the health of the people in your restaurant, both clientele and staff.

Foodborne Illnesses Damage Reputation of Restaurant

Foodborne illness can damage the reputation of any restaurant. If your restaurant is caught up in a food safety scandal, there is a high probability of everyone around you knowing about it. There are a growing number of websites and apps that allow for up to date, honest restaurant reviews.  While a series of excellent reviews can help promote a restaurant and drive traffic and customers to your door, just one poor review can also ruin a business as the news of a bad experience can spread faster than wildfire.

Websites such as Yelp, Tripadvisor, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can all allow potential customers to learn about your restaurant based on past history and make a decision prior to stepping foot in the door.

For that reason, it is critical for you to be able to remain diligent in food safety to meet your customers needs.  Poor service or a menu that doesn’t appeal to customers are things that can be improved upon and encourage new business.  If customers are repeatedly getting sick from your food, there will be no chance for your restaurant to be profitable and to continue operating.  By utilizing a temperature measurement system, there is no need to worry about if the food being served is in the danger zone possibly containing harmful bacteria.

The Surecheck System for food safety is your ally in the restaurant business. It has a set of wired and infrared probes which are designed to give an accurate reading of the temperature of any food that you serve. The device is also handheld, and it uploads data directly back to the data center.

Best Technology For Ensuring Food Safety

Powered by an Intel Atom processor, the PAR SureCheck system is designed to improve food safety. This system is your tool of choice for serving safe food and ensuring accuracy. This device also works to ensure that you are complying with all of the applicable standards.

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