What to expect from iPad Mini 2?

Mini iPad 2

There is a buzz in the tech world about what we can possibly expect from the Apple’s latest mini tablet, named as iPad Mini 2. Here we look at some of the possible features of iPad Mini 2.

  • Retina Display

Most of the tech world is surprised when Apple Co. left out Retina display from iPad Mini. But now it makes sense that Apple Co is planning for their next generation Mini tablet. Now there are strong indications that iPad Mini 2 will have Retina Display in it.

  • Lighter and Thinner

The success of iPad Mini was that it was much lighter and smaller than the original Apple iPad. iPad Mini will be thinner than the previous iPad and it’s weight will be lighter. So users can use it more easily and their needs will be fulfilled.

  • 8 Mega-pixel Camera

iPad mini 2 have a 8 megapixel camera which is much better than the previous version of mini iPad.


ipad mini 2

iPad mini 2 thinner and lighter