Why choose iPhone 6 over other smartphones?

Apple has been agilely advancing an additional new iPhone to be appeared in 2013, according to assorted leaks and reports. According to most, this accessory will be alleged the iPhone 6 and be radically altered from the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S, which we afresh discussed. Here are 5 accepted appearance accounted to be included in the iPhone 6.


  • Available in different colors.

Aesthetically, the iPhone’s accepted white or atramentous has gotten a little arid and monotonous. But, the iPhone 6 is accepted to accept some blithely tremendous designs. The abstraction art, which you can see above, replaces the tremendous monochromatic aback for something a little added fun. Apparently, the colors can ambit from red to purple, and aggregate in between. Letting consumers accept the blush of their accessory adds addition akin of customization that a lot of iPhone users will appreciate, which could advice Apple’s chump achievement numbers too.


  • Wireless charging feature.

Wireless charging is an absorbing abstraction that has already started assuming up in added devices. Nokia has started bearing a wireless charging pad for their Lumia 920 smartphone, and accept created accessories so that wireless charging works on earlier Lumia accessories as well. Apple could absolutely account from implementing wireless charging in the iPhone 6. They would administer to cover a contemporary new affection that companies like Google and Samsung haven’t implemented in their smartphones yet. Beating competitors to the bite should be acumen abundant for Apple to cover wireless charging.

  • iOS 7 fastest operating system

iOS 7 is an accessible software amend for Apple’s adaptable operating system. There’s not abundant that’s been leaked about it, but the letters that accept alike accept been appealing interesting. A lot of recently, WSJ appear that Jony Ive, one of Apple’s a lot of accepted executives, was arch the development for iOS 7.