Why iPhone is better above any other device: 5 reasons

The iPhone was the first Smartphone to be widely adopted. In the technology market it was game changer and since its first release in the USA in January 2007 the popularity of Apple products and accessories has been exceeptional. While there will always be pros and cons with any product, the Apple iPhone still appeals to a strong and growing customer base worldwide. What makes the iPhone such a great product?





With Super-fast 3G and easy connection to Wi-Fi it’s very simple to use email and apps on the move, and the iPhone is now available with a number of network providers. Setting up automatic connection to your home or friends Wi-Fi can be done in seconds.


Integration and synchronization:

With iTunes is another key benefits. You can synchronise music, videos and podcasts, but when you connect your iPhone to iTunes it also backs up everything to your computer, including all your phone settings and contacts so you have complete peace of mind should your phone be lost or stolen.


Navigation tools:

Apple’s touch screen interface was revolutionary when launched. While there is now some competition it is arguably still the most user friendly navigation system. It is very easy to find your way around and flip between apps. The on-screen keyboard appears automatically, for example, when you touch a data field on a web page. Media Not only do you get a built in camera with and LED flash, it also has an incorporated HD video camera. You Tube, iTunes, iPod and Safari also come with the package. These tools will help you make the most of your free time, using social media apps and the Internet while you’re on the move.



In typical Apple fashion, the iPhone 4S has a minimal, lightweight and sophisticated design that has evolved since the first iPhone was launched. The simplicity of its design ensures it appeals to a very wide and tech savvy audience. It has a 3.5-inch multi-touch widescreen display, fingerprint resistant coating and supports multiple languages.


iPhone costs:

While the iPhone was expensive when launched, there are now some fantastic packages on offer. Take a look at these iPhone 4 deals for yourself and you could be on your way to becoming another Apple supporter.

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